About Us

21st century venture philanthropy

GEXSI was launched at the World Economic Forum in 2001 to pioneer entrepreneurial solutions to end poverty. The organization works at the interface of venture philanthropy and social impact investing; it works through a UK registered charity and a project development and advisory firm.  [...]

Featured Work

An inclusive business to fight malnutrition

GEXSI has developed an innovative nutrition project to grow natural food additives to fight malnutrition among the poor. Our work was recently recognised by the Swedish International Development Agency, who shortlisted this project for their inaugural IAP Innovator of the Year Award [...]

Featured Work

Conservation forestry development in Madagascar

We have engaged with a local NGO and with an international timber investment management organisation to develop a best-in-class conservation & livelihood-oriented forestry project in Madagascar [...]




12th December 2012

GEXSI and Futuro Forestal agree strategic partnership [...]

26th November 2012

GEXSI project nominated for inclusive business innovation award [...]